1. Who are you? / Where did the stage name come from?

Darce! My surname is Darcy and my nickname was always Darce so, it just kind of stuck.

2. Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m hip-Hop/Pop/Electronic/God Knows act from Cork, I’ve been making music for around two years and been doing pretty well so far!

3. What inspired you to get into music? Is it always something you have had an interest in?

I was writing poetry since I was 11 and when I found out there was an art from where I could literally have music behind the words, I was sold.

4. What is your favourite thing about working in the music industry?

Performing. I used to get really bad stage fright but now that I see things are going to be ok if I do my best and enjoy it, it’s become a kind of sanctuary.

5. What is your least favourite? Are there any drawbacks?

Making comparisons and isolation are big ones!

6. Mental health in the music industry is a very prevalent issue, yet it is also a very taboo topic. How do you manage your mental health while working in the music industry?

Not very well! But I’m making more of an effort lately. I think writing songs helps,along with walks,breathing exercises,friends and having stuff outside of music. Also dark chocolate!

7. Who are your musical influences?

Right now I’m recording a new EP and I’m super into everything the Dirty Hit label are doing in terms of their production style. From Japaneese House to The 1975, their amazing! I’m also loving Search Party Animal, Lilla Vargen, Xo Mo, Milk, Blkkheart, Amy Shark, Elle Charmz, Chelsea Cutler, Dermot Kennedy and Daya. Great pop is my vibe right now.

8. If you weren’t a musician, what other career paths would you like to follow?

Archaeologist! I’m obsessed with ancient history!

9. Have you any upcoming gigs/releases we should know about?

My EP Rural is out early this year and I also have a documentary on Dutch TV (NTR) coming out this month alongside The Rubberbandits, Andrew Maxwell and some other familiar faces!

10. Tell us something about you that nobody knows?!

I killed someone (jokes) Ehh I’m a massive Disney fan and extremely tough (also jokes).

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