Pack Of Howling Wolves

pack of howling wolves

1. Hi guys! Who are you? Introduce yourselves!

We are Pack of Howling Wolves, a group of storytellers, poets and songwriters who have come together to do just that. Our leader is PaPa Wulf, a great shaman who has brought like minded beings from all layers of the multiverse together to create art. Other members include an alien called CORNBALLZULU, an ancient prehistoric panda bear Pandasaurus Rexx, our family band The Triiiplet Sisters and Jay “The Vessel”.

2. Where did the name come from? Why did you choose it?

It was chosen by PaPa Wulf, for years he dreamed of getting together this group but where he is from art is banned and any form of self expression. His ideal world is one where everyone from all aspects of life can come together and exchange ideas, stories, songs or even just howl at the moon…like a pack of howling wolves.

3. What inspired each of you to get into music?

To put it as simple as we can, the love of storytelling and expression.

4. Who are your musical influences?

Ones we feel have impacted us sonically are The Doors, Pixies and Queens of The Stone Age to name a few. You can hear similarities with these in the music but some important ones include Outkast, Wu-Tang Clan, M.I.A., James Blake, Danny Brown. These artists we find completely stand on their own and inspire us to do the same, to strive for originality and honesty throughout our work.

5. Mental health in the music industry is a very prevalent topic. How do ye deal with your own mental health while working in the industry?

We have a member of the pack who is called The Madman, he was basically an experiment gone wrong when testing the capability of the mind. He came to a choice, let the madness destroy him or embrace the madness. He fully accepted his fate and it turned him into a superhero, his power being his madness. Don’t know if this is the best or appropriate answer but we find it’s the most honest one.

6. How are ye keeping yourselves busy during lockdown?

We are preparing for the release of our 7 track mini album and our single in the coming weeks. None of us have done this before so it is exciting and new for us all. We just can’t wait to get it out for people to hear.

7. Do you think the government are doing enough for the music/events industry during the Covid pandemic?

No, not really. In their eyes if it doesn’t make guaranteed revenue it doesn’t matter. It was heartbreaking to read at the start of this pandemic that the government deemed that an artist was the most “non essential” job. I’m sure millions of people around the world didn’t think that when they binged watched Netflix, watched film after film and listened to music all day to escape from the gruesome reality of a worldwide lockdown. Then some ministers have the nerve to say artists need to go off, retrain and get new jobs! In our time gigging here many of the best sound engineers we’ve come across have much older experienced people, how can you tell a person who has dedicated their lives to one thing to drop it and get a new job? It completely lacks empathy and togetherness which at this time is exactly what we all need. As the old saying goes “it’s a load of bollocks”.

8. If you weren’t musicians, what other career paths would you like to follow?

Ninja, ice cream van driver, horticulturist, teacher, regular van driver and waster to name a few.

9. Tell us something about each of you that nobody knows?

PaPa Wulf: “People think I meditate to find higher meaning, when in actuality I just take psychoactive drugs”

CORNBALLZULU: “My initial reason for joining POHW was because I crashed my space ship and I don’t know how to fix it” 

Pandasaurus Rexx: “I actually prefer the new Kanye…”

Jay: “I genuinely don’t know what a tracker mortgage is”

10. You have an upcoming release on the 20th of November. Can you tell us more about this?

We will be releasing our first single “Funky Pookies” on the 20th. The song was written by PaPa which has been described to us by people as “a stoner philosophy” song. We have always thought of PaPa Wulf as Alan Watts on drugs, so this is very fitting we think. It was recorded in Dundalk (up Dundalk), by Jay’s friend Imo and mixed in Baltinglass (up Balto) by Jay and his associate Brendan. A lot of hard work has been put into it and with the Covid 19 pandemic a lot of setbacks, so we are glad it is finally at this stage now and can’t wait for the future.

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