In The Spotlight With Arn.

Our latest artist In The Spotlight is Arn., who hails from Letterkenny in Donegal.

Arn. ‘s love of music has been engrained into him since he was a child. All that he has ever wanted to do was sing and write music. Given the state of the world in 2020, Arn. decided it was finally time to release music consistently and not be weighed down by the opinions of others.

Arn. will release a song every 2 weeks in 2021 (each of which will be on a Friday), starting with ‘Month Of May’, which was released on 01/01/21 and ending with a song yet to be disclosed on 31/12/21. With that plan in mind, there will be 26 songs released in 2021.

As of the 23/04/21, Arn. has released 9 songs in the year 2021 with no intentions of stopping! The topics in which he writes about stretch from love to drug-use and the glorification of alcohol induced culture in Irish society.

He wishes only for people to hear his music and hopefully relate to the topics in which he speaks. Arn. has already been featured by Nialler9, as well as played on 103.2 Dublin City FM and will soon be on KCLR on the 28th April.

On speaking about his latest release ‘Hindsight’ (which we definitely encourage you to listen to!), Arn. says: “Hindsight was made to speak of the type of person one becomes when they envelop themselves in the ‘partying’ lifestyle. They lie and they cheat. I wrote it to show that I don’t need to do that anymore. That isn’t who I am, it’s only a mindset.  A little fact about the song is that the intro and outro is my voice but pitched way lower!”

Quite a lot of musicians are releasing music to the world, but we really think Arn. is special! With this level of ambition, combined with his beautiful vocals, we know this isn’t the last you’ve heard of him!

You can check Arn. out on Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

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