August Wells – No More Operators

If you haven’t heard of August Wells by now, what planet have you been living on?

August Wells is a musical project created by Ken Griffin and John Rauchenberger in New York. Griffin is the former creative mind behind the groups, Rollerskate Skinny, Kid Silver and Favourite Sons. John Rauchenberger is a New York pianist who has played with, among others, The Favourite Sons, Maggie Estep and Daniel Carter.

Previous releases from the band include 2014’s debut album ‘A Living and a Dying Game’ following in 2016 by ‘Madness is the Mercy’ and a slew of singles that captured the zeitgeist including ‘Here in the Wild‘, ‘Come on in out of that Night‘, ‘She Was A Question‘, ‘This Man Cries‘, and ‘A Little Too Real’. They joined The Waterboys, The Chieftans, Mundy, Camille O’Sullivan and many others on the compilation CD “Rising Against Homelessness” and performed at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin for ‘Rock Against Homelessness‘ with The Boomtown Rats, Delorentos, Ham Sandwich, Paul Brady, and Finbar Furey.

August Wells have now returned with a new single entitled ‘No More Operators’ ahead of the release of their latest album ‘No More Operators’ on October 16th 2020. The simplistic but recognizable voice of Ken Griffin is immediately complimented by Rauchenberger’s lilting piano. ‘No More Operators’ opens with the lyric ‘I don’t know which came first, being crazy or being alone’, a humorous yet poignant start which sets the tone of the story to come. Despite the fact that the melody is entirely uplifting and one you will find your toes tapping along to, the story behind it is much more sombre.

A band who have previously been described as ‘Sinatra singing Lou Reed songs’, it’s clear to see why. Not only a comparison of sound but also one of talent too. August Well’s newest offering of ‘No More Operators’ is something that can be enjoyed by both the young and old generation alike!

You can check it out over on Spotify here!

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