Beyond The Wash – Murmurings

We have been big fans of Beyond The Wash for a while now, so when we heard that he was releasing an EP, it’s safe to say we were super excited! Beyond The Wash released his new EP ‘Murmurings’ on the 4th of June 2020.

Beyond The Wash (aka Patrick O’Donnell), is an alternative pop artist from Cork. He has been interested in music from a very young age and as he went through his teenage years, he developed a passion for playing guitar, keyboard and writing songs. His inspiration in his early years came from artists such as Radiohead, Janet Jackson, Sting and Scott Walker.

In 2019, Beyond The Wash released two singles, ‘Misty Morning’ and ‘Dusktime’. Both of these singles are tracks on his new EP. He later went on to release another single ‘Uruguay’ in 2020, which is also part of the EP. The final track from the four track EP is entitled ‘Sand’.

Each of the four songs on this EP are massively different to the last and from this, it’s obvious to see the diversity and the sheer talent that is Beyond The Wash. The wonderful thing about his music is that you can somehow feel every word that he sings and this can definitely be said for the first track on ‘Murmurings’, ‘Uruguay’.

This track opens with slow, soft guitar and is really relaxing to listen to. As the song opens into the second paragraph, it changes completely. There’s an addition of drums, as BTW asks to be “gifted with madness”. No sooner has he asked to be gifted with madness and the song returns to the mellow tune it started as. The song takes one final turn as once again, BTW sings “So let me be, so let me be, so let me be, gifted with madness”. The contrast between the mellowness of some paragraphs and the fast paced paragraphs asking to be gifted with madness is really well done and makes for a great song to listen to!

The second song on the EP, ‘Dusktime’ opens with slow, gentle piano and almost sounds like a continuation of ‘Uruguay’, despite telling a different story. Similarly to ‘Uruguay’, the music changes from the slow piano to a heavy and quick beat. The music alone made me feel like I was chasing something. It felt like the music itself should be used in a video game during the final boss battle! The song describes a love that could not be fulfilled and the line “The wind blows cool through your hair, Part of me wanted you, but consciousness could not follow through, Mind over matter it’s said” echoes this sentiment. Part way through this song, a female voice chirps in and to my surprise, sang in French. She reiterated BTW in the previous paragraph but the female voice/perspective here really was beautiful and a great little addition. Something about BTW’s voice in this song reminded me quite a lot of The 1975.

The third song on this EP is called ‘Misty Morning’. Once again, this song is entirely different to the others on the EP. This song showcases the softer sounds to BTW’s voice. ‘Misty Morning’ focuses on that time of year when “blossoms fall” and “The fog goes on”. The song seems to pay tribute to those who work in the early hours of the morning, in this case, the postman.

The final song from ‘Murmurings’ surprised me the most as it’s quite far from the music we would usually hear from BTW. The song is frantic sounding with heavy guitar throughout. “I saw my demons walk into the light, come holding hands, five strokes passed midnight” seems to portray the importance of recognising the dark side (or demons) in your life. The song is a well thought out and brilliant little addition to the EP as it highlights the capabilities and versatility of BTW’s voice.

‘Murmurings’ as a whole is a risk that most definitely paid off! It’s risky in the sense that each song is so different to the next but yet it fits together like perfect pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

You can check ‘Murmurings’ out on all good streaming services, including Spotify, here.

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