Dàwna – My Heart, My Soul

Dàwna (AKA Conor Fahy) is an independent Irish singer-songwriter, who was born in Galway but raised in Nenagh, county Tipperary. Despite originally setting out with friends Eddie Simmons and Adam Grace to form the folk pop band ‘FarHaven’, Conor decided to branch out and try his hand at a solo career, which has proven to be an excellent decision. (Not that we’re not fans of FarHaven too!)

Dàwna is very proud of his native Ireland and connects with the culture and pride of the country, so much so that even his chosen stage name is derived from the Irish word “dána” (pronounced dawna) which translates to the English “bold”. Self described as being both cheeky and brave, Dàwna believes that this was the perfect name to start his solo career with.

With a number of previous releases under his belt, he had a lot to live up to and we were anxious to see if Dàwna’s latest single ‘My Heart, My Soul’ would impress us just as much as ‘Feel It’, ‘Everyday’ and ‘Sail Away’. Akin to these releases, ‘My Heart, My Soul’ is an emotionally charged and powerful song, a ballad in nature. The song opens with the plea to “Take it easy, it’s not the right time, need to protect this fragile heart of mine.” Dàwna goes on to tell the listener that this is because he has been “beat down so low” and he thought he’d never get back up. He admits that the feelings he is currently feeling are too much to handle but that he needs to rest his heart and soul in order to welcome another love into his life. The vocals in this song are strong and emanate pure feeling. They are accompanied by simple keys, percussion and string which compliment Dàwna’s voice perfectly.

Dàwna’s ‘My Heart, My Soul’ is a stunningly beautiful release that really showcases the talent this young Nenagh musician has to offer.

You can give ‘My Heart, My Soul’ a listen on Spotify here.

You can also find Dàwna on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!

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