Dylan Greene – Better Than Me

Didn’t think a rap song could be emotional? Well think again because Dylan Greene has done just the thing with his latest release ‘Better Than Me’.

Hailing from Crumlin in Dublin, the Irish American rap artist found a passion for rap music at a very young age, after falling in love with the culture that surrounds hip hop and rap. He draws influence from artists such as Mac Miller and Childish Gambino (to name but a few), his music is known to blend an ambient flare of hip hop with trap, pop and R&B. Common themes that resonate in his music include relationships and self improvement but Dylan expertly incorporates comedic aspects into his songs as well.

After taking a break from releasing music in 2020, Dylan has now returned with his newest single post lockdown. In May 2019, he released his debut EP entitled ‘RAW’, with the self titled track garnering traction on YouTube. It amassed over a thousand views and was added to multiple playlists including ‘The New Eire’. Since releasing this EP, he has gone on to be featured heavily across Irish radio, including the likes of RTE Pulse.

‘Better Than Me’ is probably my favourite release from Dylan. Despite not being a big rap fan, his injection of emotion combined with such clever lyrics has turned my head and given me a newfound appreciation for the genre. While this song has multiple themes, it is mainly focused on how the female in the song is pushed upon certain lifestyle choices by the people around her, who also often critique her. Lyrics such as “Don’t let the world say that you’re not perfect even though it can be hard to believe” reflect this theme. Sadly, forcing someone to feel that they have to follow a certain path in life when it may not be what they want can cause major mental health issues, something I’m sure a lot of us can relate to.

This song also creates a commentary of a relationship between two people who are too emotionally vulnerable for each other. The lyrics tell the story of this girl who goes from having low self confidence and self worth to understanding her worth and going from being the chaser to the one being chased. “Supporting yourself in that dead end job, Been through so much, girl, And smiling through all of it though it’s a lot, But you got plans so long I can’t read ‘em” is a perfect lyric to show how this girl is resilient and is focusing on her own self worth.

Quick witted lines such as “Looking like a gummy I just wanna take a bite”, “Call you a doctor with all of that patience” and “Iconic, like a gin no tonic”, demonstrates Greene’s aforementioned ability to introduce a touch of comedy into what would otherwise be a serious and emotional song. ‘Better Than Me’ reveals why this is only the beginning for Dylan and proves that big things are to come from the young rap artist.

You can give ‘Better To Me’ a listen here on Spotify!

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