Elina Filice and Claudia Crampton – Lying

Singer/songwriter Elina Filice and spoken word artist/rapper Claudia Crampton join forces to release their new single, ‘Lying’.

Elina Filice is a Dublin based singer, songwriter and rapper who spent her early years in Singapore before moving to Canada to attend university. Her music has been described as being soulful and melodic, while being influenced by blues and spoken word. As well as pursuing a career as a musician, Elina is also the founder of creative consultancy company Red Vine Music. Her previous release and video for single “Thinking of You”, which was also featured on An Nota Ard, was met with widespread acclaim from dozens of outlets and major playlists. 

Claudia Crampton originates from Greystones in Wicklow. Her talent lies with spoken word and rap. She strives to influence the world in a positive way through her writing and writes mainly about the need for inclusion and diversity in the world. Claudia is known for her quick and clever lyrical style, and has performed at different festivals across Ireland, including BlueFire Street Fest and The Cúirt International Festival of Literature. 

Both Elina and Claudia are openly queer, female artists who first met at an open mic session in Dublin and from this, they quickly hit it off. ‘Lying’ was born when Elina showed Claudia a voice memo she had of the guitar loop, while singing the hook overtop. A few days later Claudia sent over an absolutely stunning first verse, and Elina was blown away by her ease of flow and lyrical style.

Despite the fact that ‘Lying’ wouldn’t typically be the type of music I would listen to, there’s no doubt about it that it’s a well composed, catchy track. The song is a clever hip hop one, full of emotion and focuses on the concept of lying. Speaking of the background to the song, Elina says ‘So much of our lives, on a small and large scale, with how we relate to ourselves and each other, is based on lies. The lies we tell ourselves to get by, the lies we tell to either harm or protect each other.’ 

Claudia’s first verse is packed full of intelligent rhymes and heart breaking one-liners such as ‘These games you play only ever end one way’, ‘I’d rather be alone than anticipating the end’, and ‘If you think i’m thinking about you, better think again’. Claudia has described her verses as narrating ‘The story of a relationship that has had its many ups and downs but has ultimately reached its end. The verses reflect the turmoil and hardship that come with an unfaithful partner and the difficulties in coping with the heartache

The layered harmonies and vintage keys in the chorus add a lighter sound to the song and this is the part you’ll find yourself humming all day. It contrasts impressively with the spoken word and rap in the verses and makes for a captivating and memorable release.

You can check ‘Lying’ out on all good streaming platforms from tomorrow! In the meantime, be sure to follow both artists on their respective social media channels below.

Elina Filice – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and YouTube.

Claudia Crampton – Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and YouTube.

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