Elise – Cowboy

Elise is a singer songwriter who hails from Kilkenny. Her music is best described as a combination of indie and dark folk and she has now released her newest single ‘Cowboy’, which is the perfect display of this musical combination.

No stranger to the Irish music scene, Elise’s journey began at the young age of five when she began playing the violin in her primary school. She trained classically up into her early teens and began travelling Europe as part of the KYO (Kilkenny Youth Orchestra) in the Kilkenny School of Music. Showing a penchant for music instruments, Elise went on to learn the guitar at the age of twelve and impressively, is self taught.

Age seventeen, she began gigging with her cousin Jennifer Ramsbottom, playing venues around Kilkenny as a folk duo. The pair played many gigs together over the years and landed support acts for Rachel Sermanni, Mama Kin, Mick Hanley, and Jerry Hannan, to name a small few. The duo parted ways when Elise moved to Dublin to study in leading music college BIMM.  She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Modern Music and a Diploma in Professional Musicianship in 2017.

From this, Elise started focusing on herself as a solo artist. She released her debut EP ‘These Thoughts’ in October of last year and to coincide with the release, herself and her band played three successful nights in the Set Theatre Kilkenny, Bello Bar Dublin and Crane Lane Cork. Her music has gained notoriety from a number of Irish radio stations, music blogs, websites and playlists. Most recently, Elise played famous Irish venues such as The Grand Social, The Underground and The Workmans club, as well as playing Whelan’s Ones To Watch festival.

Elise’s latest single ‘Cowboy’ was released on October 16th. The song is an easy listening dreamy pop track with a blend of folk and indie in it also. The theme of the song is one that emits a sense of nostalgia and regret. Regret of not being around the people that were always there for you when you were younger. The song really hits home at the moment due to the current pandemic we are living in and the new restrictions put in place of not being allowed to visit family and friends. ‘Cowboy’ ultimately is about how time is the biggest healer, and helps reconnect you to your roots. 

Elise’s voice is beautifully soft, which makes her so easy to listen to. ‘Cowboy’ begins with a slow energy which builds up to a slightly more up tempo chorus. Elise opens the track singing of the ‘Cowboy’, the memories of running around the garden with cowboy hats and cap guns. ‘Cowboy, it’s been too long’, the opening line to the song, shows Elise’s reminiscence on the past and what once was.

A voice which reminded me massively of Dublin singer Roisin O, Elise’s easy going sound, combined with her thoughtful lyrics make for a brilliant addition to the Irish music scene.

You can stream ‘Cowboy’ on Spotify here now.

You can also give her a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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