Honas – I Can Get You Out Of This

Previously of Orchard Collective, Dublin based singer songwriter Honas has just released a powerful indie/folk/pop tune called “I Can Get You Out Of This.”

Having written, recorded and toured with indie four piece Orchid Collective, Honas is obviously no stranger to the Irish music scene! He has written and produced for a number of artists but his main outlet for many years was playing bass and songwriting for the band. While doing this, Honas was writing on his own and ended up with a collection of songs that he was happy with and this led him to focus on his own solo project. It’s no surprise that the first three singles he has released have already gained over 1.7 million plays on Spotify. As well as this, he has landed on several Spotify editorial playlists, and gained acclaim from several major blogs and publications. As a fan of Orchid Collective myself, I was of course excited to hear what Honas had to release to the world!

Released on the 23rd of August, “I Can Get You Out Of This” is a powerful indie pop song that addresses a difficult but unfortunately common subject. The track looks at what it’s like when a loved one is suffering with their mental health and you’re the outsider looking in, not being able to help but wishing there was a way that you could. There’s an overwhelming feeling of helplessness in such a situation and that’s the exact theme running through this song.

Speaking of the music on this track, Honas says “The hypnotic acoustic riff carries the whole way through the song. I wanted to create an atmosphere that conveyed the song’s meaning. I’ve always been drawn to ambient sounds, swells and evolving tones, to create something really immersive. We wanted an energetic, aggressive, chaotic drum sound, the result being a mix of programmed sounds and real drums.”

The lyrics “Let your defences down, help me to help you now” and “I can take it, I can take your pain” show how willing Honas is to help his loved one in such a difficult situation, but only if they choose to open up and let him. The song itself is really emotional, as I’m sure there are many people who have been on both sides of this situation, either struggling with their mental health and afraid to open up or otherwise being the person so eager to help but just not knowing how best to do that. 

“I Can Get You Out Of This” is my favourite release to date from Honas. It’s a gripping narrative that many, including myself, can relate to and I think that’s what makes it so powerful and so beautiful. 

If you’d like to listen to “I Can Get You Out Of This”, you can check it out over on Spotify here!

You can also follow Honas on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and his website.

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