Hudson Taylor – Loving Everywhere I Go

On Friday 28th of February 2020, Dublin brothers Harry and Alfie Hudson Taylor released their eagerly awaited second album, ‘Loving Everywhere I Go’. A follow up to their first album, ‘Singing For Strangers’, which was released five years ago, the duo had a lot to live up to.

The latest album was written in both Ireland and America and produced by John Rausch, who has worked with world famous artists such as Niall Horan and Taylor Swift. His touch is evident, as the brothers have come to release a mature sounding, folk-pop, 14 track album.

As stated by Harry and Alfie themselves, ‘Loving Everywhere I Go’ is about “embracing the fresh possibilities that life offers you and being open minded to new sounds, people and places.” The album was appropriately named, as Hudson Taylor held five album pre-release parties across the Republic of Ireland for lucky fans to hear the album in full before its official release. Having being lucky enough to attend two of these, as well as attending their gig in Galway a few days later, I became well acquainted with the album by the time it hit the shelves of music stores nationwide.

The album opens with the catchy pop number, ‘Run With Me’, which is a high energy song that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. Similarly, ‘Favourite Song, which Alfie has ironically admitted is his favourite song off the album, is an unbeat love song which rings true with the lyrics, as it does ‘make me want to dance around!’, and will definitely make you want to too. Also in this song is the line ‘I’m a busker on the street, you’re a finished masterpiece’, which is a subtle nod to the duo’s beginnings of busking on the streets of Dublin and how far they have come since then.

‘Loving Everywhere I Go’ also explores a new side to the brothers, with songs such as ‘Hiding From Love’ and ‘Six Last Words’ showing a slightly more morose theme of heartbreak and sadness. Alfie shows that not only is he a brilliant vocalist but he is also diverse in the instruments he can play, as he breaks out the bodhrán during ‘Hiding From Love’. Despite some of the songs on this album being quite different from the usual sound that Hudson Taylor displays, they are just as beautifully written and as impressive as the upbeat ones.

All in all, this is a sophisticated, well written album which showcases the brother’s love for what they do. It is very clear why this album has shot straight to number one in the Irish album charts!

You can listen to their new album here or pick it up in any good music store nationwide!

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