JJ Lee – Sink

Last Friday April 3rd, we were treated to a new single from Cork producer JJ Lee. The new single, ‘Sink’, features vocals from Matthew Xavier Corrigan (better known as Ghostking Is Dead) and Caoimhe Coleman.

JJ first released his work to the world in March of last year and has been working on his music ever since. The four minute track is a combination of indie and pop sounds, and is driven by the poetry of Caoimhe Coleman. Adding to the track is Christopher O’Sullivan, who provides the rhythmic drums which are integrated perfectly with both Matthew and Caoimhe’s vocals.

The track was written, produced and recorded in JJ’s kitchen and teases the prospect of what is yet to come from this talented Cork producer.

Sink is a brilliant offering to the world of music, as it differs so greatly from the current releases and shows that JJ, even at a young age, is not afraid to stray from the musical norm and release his own unique music for all to hear.

It is a catchy tune that is sure to get stuck in your head and will really get you excited for his future releases.

You can listen to ‘Sink’ over on Spotify here!

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