Julia-Maria – Faithless Follower

On Friday the 23rd of October, Cork singer songwriter Julia-Maria released her debut single ‘Faithless Follower’.

The 21 year old multi instrumentalist showcases a voice that is one that is beyond that of someone so young, and that’s what makes Julia-Maria an exciting new artist to the Irish music scene. Despite resonances of amazing artists such as Joni Mitchell, Feist and Eva Cassidy, her voice is very much her own.

As this is Julia-Maria’s debut single, there are no previous releases to base my judgements on but upon listening to ‘Faithless Follower’, it’s evident that this artist has a promising career ahead of her! Her sound is fresh and the opening of this song is haunting. 

The powerful start moves into a surprisingly upbeat consecutive verse that contrasts the beginning entirely and I think this was a brilliant way to showcase Julia-Maria’s talent. You’re initially presented with the poignant lyrics “Following your dreams, Ignoring the cracks and the seams, Stifled by your masquerade, But our ties make it hard to run away” before the cheery sounding pop chorus makes its way forward.

While the chorus of this song comes across so bright and positive, the track actually tells the story of freedom, loss, heartbreak and resilience. Speaking of her inspiration behind her music, Julia-Maria explains “I found my voice writing about nature and feeling it’s connection to my own life. Nature is a language everyone speaks. A flying bird is freedom, winter is the closing of a door and the changing seasons are changing emotions. The lyrical opportunities are endless, you just have to watch and listen”.

You can listen to ‘Faithless Follower’ over on Spotify now!

You can also follow Julia-Maria on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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