Lisa Gorry – Is It Me?

Kildare born singer songwriter Lisa Gorry has just released her debut EP entitled ‘Is It Me?’. The EP is comprised of four tracks, a tender exploration of love and longing which develops the personal nature of Gorry’s songwriting over these four unique songs.

Lisa is no stranger to the Irish music scene, where her combination of relatable lyrics and soft vocal tones have been honed to create an intimate performance style. She has found her inspiration from a variety of Irish artists from a young age, Gorry has sought to emulate the strong story-telling element that exists within our musical culture, and seeks to connect with listeners on a deeply emotional level, with lyrics echoing sentiments of adoration and yearning for someone or something.

Lisa released her debut single, “Parts” in August 2019 to critical acclaim, and she returned this year with her second offering, “Down”, just before the pandemic hit. Her third single ‘Fleeting’, which was also the first single from this EP, was released on September 30th. Lisa did not let the pandemic deter her and as such, she continued planning her debut EP  “Is It Me?”, which was released on October 21st.

The first song off the EP is called “Outside” and opens with gentle violin and guitar, a tone that sets the mood for the other three songs. The song explores feelings of being an observer on a relationship but not a participant. “Tell me was it love at first sight, cos I’m afraid that I might not be doing it right” and “I just want to learn how to earn that tough” echo this sentiment. Lisa’s voice makes you ache for the love that you don’t have (even if you do!). 

“Fleeting” is the next track on “Is it Me?” and is slightly more lively than the opening song. It examines the way in which we seek energy from other people and unfortunately, what happens when this energy is not returned by others. Once again, both the guitar and violin make an appearance in this song but towards the end of the song, they are accompanied by drums and cymbals right around the time Lisa tells us that “I will move on to the next one”. This track has a sudden and almost dramatic finish as it ends right after that sentence. It doesn’t fade away, just cuts straight out. It is a charismatic contribution to the EP. 

The penultimate song on this EP is called “Same”. In contrast to “Outside”, this offering from Lisa delves into the inner dialogue that plays out when we do meet a new potential person and the fear that this meeting brings. This is by far my favourite track of the four and the opening lyrics “I fall deeply, I fall completely, I fall too quick” made me smile, as that’s how I have always been when it comes to love too. The song is entirely relatable, not just for me but I’m sure for a lot of other people too.

“Embers” closes out the EP in a lingering homage to those connections that stay with us long after they’ve finished. A very short contribution, it is only a minute and thirty eight seconds long but nonetheless, it manages to encapsulate everything Lisa is trying to convey in such a short space of time. This song was quite different to the other three, as it was the only song without accompanying music but was a great way to finish up the EP.

“Is It Me?” is a lovely, easy listening EP which looks at all aspects of love, from the beginning, to the middle, to the end. Lisa’s voice has the ability to go beyond singing to tell a story in each song from this EP.

If you’d like to give “Is It Me?” a listen, you can do so on Spotify here.

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