Mechner – Wasted

Mechner is an indie style, Cork based artist who has been described as Radiohead meets David Lynch (John Loftus – 8 Radio). He is a completely self-funded and self-produced musician who has had great success with his previous releases, including his debut single “Surfacing”. The music video for this song accumulated over 25,000 views and was included in Indie Cork’s Film Festival to great crowd reaction.

Mechner’s music is distinctive as he blends both sound and cinematic visuals together to create something completely different. Mechner is a self confessed “perfectionist” that could be likened to a Director of Film overseeing every aspect of sound, style and visual, with an exacting eye, everything has an extra layer, and is crafted to have more than one way of appreciating the artistry. He has previously supported big Irish artists such as The Coronas, Dermot Kennedy and Delorentos to name but a few. 2020 This year, Mechner will be releasing his debut mini-LP “Club Idem”, however we have just been treated to his third release from this EP ‘Wasted’.

‘Wasted’ was released on the 15th of June and is a slow paced, easy listening song, despite the back story. The song tells the narrative of what is essentially a one night stand between two consenting individuals. This encounter is fuelled by alcohol but ends amicably, despite a feeling of emptiness and unhappiness afterwards. The repetition of the line “It’s easy to see that you’re wasted on me” emphasizes this but also has a few different meanings to it. Wasted could mean the state that the two adults are in from the alcohol or it could also focus on the wasted romance of a one night stand. This was a really clever way for Mechner to do things as it makes you think about the song, it goes one step further than just music and lyrics with its underlying meaning. ‘Wasted’ asks the question as to why the majority of society lives for the weekend and makes us question what we consent to in our day to day lives.

‘Wasted’ is a simple yet enthralling song by a young Cork artist who is sure to garner all the right attention on the release of his upcoming EP!

You can listen to ‘Wasted’ over on Spotify here.

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