nicha – Little Bird

nicha (AKA Lucy Robinson) is a 23 year old Northern Irish singer songwriter, who was born and raised in Holywood, Co.Down. Her heart lies in Belfast but despite this, her music has already taken her around the world. At just 18, she finished school and then headed to Australia, busking and impressively, teaching children how to sail on the side. On her return from Australia, nicha stopped off in Nepal, living in Kathmandu for a month and a half. This inspired her greatly and provided her with an insight into other people’s lives and their way of thinking.

nicha grew up listening to Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix, so it is no surprise that her music is heavily influenced by this. Her recent day inspiration is drawn from hip hop, electronic and pop music and artists such as Jack Johnson, Tash Sultana, Loyle Carner and Bonobo and Jamie. nicha’s music doesn’t shy away from the more ‘controversial’ themes if you will, and looks at topical issues such as mental health, environmental issues and the world around us. Her aim is to help people through her music and to draw awareness to current day issues in a powerful yet easy listening way. 

In July 2020, she released her debut single ‘Devices’, about how we as a society are addicted to our technological devices. This, of course, took the music scene by storm! As an artist who has only been around for a very short time, she has already made a big impact, drawing attention from BBC Radio Ulster’s Stephen McCauley, Rte 2FM’s Dan Hegarty, RTE 2XM, Hotpress and more.

Now, nicha is releasing her follow up single ‘Little Bird’. After listening to the single, I honestly couldn’t tie it down to one particular genre, especially as nicha’s voice is so distinctive and unusual, but there’s no doubt about it that her music definitely is easy listening. It’s almost bizarre to listen to a song that’s so relaxing yet deals with such a sensitive issue but somehow, nicha makes it work. 

The song itself addresses those who are mental and physically abused in a relationship, be it romantic, familial or any other type. It’s about breaking free without knowing you had the power to do so in the first place. Lyrics such as ‘Her sparkling daydreams, Kept her heart beating’, ‘She flew with the stars, Hand on her heart, head in the clouds’, and ‘Even the silhouette of a once loved friend and a happy end right around the bend’ show the innocence of someone dreaming of getting away from it all and pursuing a better, happier life. The story behind this tune is heart-breaking and nicha shows her amazing vulnerability addressing such a taboo topic without fear. 

You can listen to Little Bird on all good streaming platforms from the 2nd of October.

If you want to give nicha a follow, you can do so on Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and on her website here!

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