PAULI – Cocoon/Isolation Station

It’s always a good sign when within the first few seconds of listening to an artist, you know you’re going to love them! Well that’s exactly how I felt about Dublin based musician Pauli.

Pauli is new to the Irish music scene but from listening to his EP, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he will go far. The Cork born, Galway raised and now Dublin based musician was inspired by our current lockdown situation and from this, he took his song writing to the bedroom to write, produce and release a three track EP. The EP, entitled ‘Isolation Station’ is due for release on June 26th and is comprised of three songs: Cocoon, Storm and The Fear. Each song on this EP is surprisingly different to the last, yet showcases his blatant talent on every single one.

The first song on the EP is Cocoon, which is also going to be Pauli’s debut release. The track, due for release on the 5th of June, is definitely my favourite of the three. The lyrics of the song perfectly captures the current situation that we find ourselves in and as such, is extremely relatable. The opening music is a mixture of electro and pop and had me bopping along immediately! It reminded me of a mixture of The Strokes, with a bit of Muse tied in too.

Cocoon opens with the line “All we ever wanted to do was to cocoon you, To keep you safe and warm and hidden away”, and really is comparable to our lives at the moment. “They sealed all the doors and said they’re trying to protect us” reminds us that despite the difficulties of isolation, it is done for our own good, yet the line “They tell me isolation is preservation but I don’t care too much for staying that way” I’m sure is how we are all feeling right now after months in an isolated state. My favourite line from this song was “What I wouldn’t give for just one touch of your hand”, as although it’s sad and reminds me of how much I miss my friends and family, it feels uplifting and reminds me of what’s to come when the world goes back to normal again. Cocoon is a light and comforting song with an electro, indie feel to it.

We’re going to remain slightly more tight lipped on the other two songs off of the EP, as it hasn’t been released yet but we can tell you that The Fear and Storm are both just as good as the debut single.

Storm is a completely different sound to Cocoon, and has a much more 90’s rock vibe to it. Immediately, you would be reminded of David Gray as Pauli begins to sing. The song has a more mature feel to it and a sadder sound which is emphasised by the electric guitar and the subtle storm noises in the background. The song’s theme deals with the aftermath of meeting someone from your past in a lucid dream.

Last but not least is the third song from this EP, The Fear. Once again, it’s a completely different style to the other two songs but showcases Pauli’s voice really well. The song can be compared to the sounds of Arctic Monkeys but in terms of Irish acts, it really reminded me of rising Galway band The Clockworks. While we don’t want to give too much away, it’s safe to say that the lyrics to The Fear are also very relatable! This song is a rollercoaster of emotions brought on by memories from the night before. This can all be emphasised by the howling of the werewolves in the background of the song.

Isolation Station as a whole is an amazing EP that highlights the talent to come from what we are sure will be a very popular new Irish artist. We have had it on repeat since we were lucky enough to be given a sneak peek! ‘Cocoon’ is out on Friday the 5th of June, whereas the ‘Isolation Station’ EP is due to be released on the 26th of June.

You can currently presave Cocoon here!

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