Rory Gillanders – Eye Of A Hurricane

Dublin based artist Rory Gillanders is no stranger to the music scene. After releasing two previous EP’s, he is now set to release his upcoming single ‘Eye Of A Hurricane’ on April 9th, which is the first track from 3rd EP ‘Wilderness’.

Rory’s music is that of folk-rock and ‘Eye Of A Hurricane’ follows in the steps of this signature style. He delves into the issues and conflicts that we can all seriously relate to in the modern world, with a hard-hitting songwriting approach tackling deep, underlying issues. With strong influences from Bob Dylan, Noel Gallagher and Ryan Adams, Gillanders maintains a modern, alternative sound in his acoustic led tracks with songs that are heartfelt, tackling his mental health and the anxiety he’s faced growing up.

‘Eye Of A Hurricane’ starts off with his all familiar solo acoustic style, with lyrics such as ‘I want to blast out over the cosmos, with you in my arms’ and ‘I know what you’re thinking, and I hope that it’s true, and I know what you’re feeling, ‘cos I’m feeling it too’ set to a slow tempo and catchy beat. The song then quickly escalates into a full band sound and echoing guitar hooks that explode with energy and would remind you of being at a live show (which I’m sure we all miss!). The climax of the song then comes with Rory shouting out to tell us ‘I feel like I’m stuck in the eye of a hurricane‘, echoing the title of the song repeatedly. This part of the song was particularly powerful, as the tempo, along with the percussion, guitar and harmonica, echoes that of an enraged hurricane. The track then fades out into silence, signifying that the hurricane has passed and all is calm again.

Speaking of the track, Rory says ”The song came to me in a dream. I was looking down at a hurricane causing all this destruction but I felt calm. I woke up and thought, there’s got to be an idea for a song in this. I guess this song is about hope and trying to keep moving forward no matter what obstacles life throws at you”.

‘Eye Of A Hurricane’ is released on April 9th and will be available on all good streaming platforms.

You can also follow Rory on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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