RUNOFFBROKE (AKA Jordan Wilson) is a 21 year old hip hop artist from Dublin. He started writing music at 11, and by the young age of 13, was playing gigs and had signed to underground label Mic-A-Blaze Records. He worked with multiple Irish groups before making his way to Germany to work with Citizen Soldier Entertainment. He has toured in the US and Germany, supporting artists like Infidelix alongside Papke. After two years in Berlin, Jordan returned to Ireland in 2019 and has since been working on new music, gigging, and building his team. Known for his dark humour and haunting music videos, he has released an EP and several singles. His past releases have seen him featured on major national blogs, Spotify editorial playlists, and national radio.

On the 21st of August, RUNOFFBROKE released a new song entitled ‘ATILLA THA HUN’, which he has fittingly described as a ‘soundtrack to your local riot’. The song is a dark and heavy tune that explodes with energy from the second it starts. Speaking on the process behind the song, RUNOFFBROKE explains that “There were a few of us getting drunk in the studio, and we decided to lay down some takes for the track. No mic stand, no pop shield, just me holding the mic and screaming into it, and the boys going crazy after every take. It was cool to capture that screamy-rap energy, and the final takes on the track are from that night. The music gives you that hectic, wild energy and confidence. It makes you feel like you could go straight through a barricade of cops like a bowling ball.”

ATILLA THA HUN is an exciting track from RUNOFFBROKE, which opens with a news broadcast from ‘Mo-Lester Dickbag McCarthy’ (a nod to the dark humour that he is known for!), that tells us that over a thousand bodies of rappers have been found and the suspect is none other than the song’s namesake ATILLA THA HUN. The song goes straight from this broadcast into the quick and clever rhymes that we are used to from his previous releases, but with a heavier and angrier sound than usual. Something about this release, and I can’t put my finger on what it is, reminded me almost immediately of another well known Dublin hip hop artist – Tebi Rex. This tune isn’t just worthy of the usual underground basement scene of a hip hop act, it’s festival worthy!

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