Ruth Brosnan – Toodle-oo

Cork born singer songwriter Ruth Brosnan has already made a bit of a name for herself in the Irish music scene! Ruth’s debut single ‘Good Enough garnered a lot of attention from radio stations and music blogs across the country, as well as amassing thousands of streams on both Spotify and YouTube. She has now returned with new single ‘Toodle-oo’, to rival the popularity of her first release!

Ruth studied Popular Music at CIT Cork School of Music, where she graduated with a very impressive First-Class Honors BA in June 2018. From this, she moved to Los Angeles on a graduate visa to learn more about, and to work in, the music industry. Whilst working in LA, Ruth entered one of her own songs into ‘The Great American Song Contest’ and was delighted to win a place as a finalist in the Inspirational category. This drove her to return to her hometown and pursue a career in music, a decision which clearly paid off.

Newest release Toodle-oo was released on the 14th of August 2020. It’s an upbeat pop song that’s perfect for dancing along to in the summer sun! The lyrics to Toodle-oo can only be described as SASSY! Lines such as ‘I’m a class woman, won’t hang about’ and ‘Toodle-oo, I’m done with all your Fake Romance’, just goes to show exactly how sassy yet strong Ruth is. The song was written to promote independence in women of all races and backgrounds and the aim of the accompanying video was to promote a positive and encouraging message through social media.

The message of female empowerment shone through in the lyrics of this song and it’s a theme that really needs to be focused on more in the music industry. Less of the skimpy clothes and saucy dance moves that you see in the majority of music videos these days and more of the powerful, strong lyrics and catchy and fun dance routines, just like the one in Ruth’s video, are needed! Not only this but both the lyrics and the message behind this song are extremely relatable, I’m sure not just to me but to the vast majority of teenagers and young adults.

Toodle-oo is an enjoyable, fun and catchy release that’s the perfect remedy for those 2020 blues!

You can give it a listen over on Spotify now. You can also check out (and dance along to!) the music video over on YouTube right here!

If you’d like to give Ruth a follow, you can do so on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on her Website!

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