Sineád McConville – Running From You

Sinead McConville is releasing her second single ‘Running From You’ on the 25th of September. A very exciting young artist to come onto the music scene, this release is only Sinead’s second one to enter into the music industry.

Sinead is a mixture of a pop and folk artist who originates from Bray, Co. Wicklow. She has been writing her own songs since the tender age of fifteen and has loyally stuck to the exact same bust up guitar ever since! Despite this song only being her second release, she is no stranger to the music world and her highlight performances include ‘The Late Late Show’ and supporting Mundy in Lost Lane with D.Cullen, ‘Ireland Music Week’ with ELKAE and John Barker’s ‘TILT’ with Munky in The Button Factory. In addition to this, she has made a number of radio performances on stations such as RTE Radio 1, BBC Radio Ulster, SPIN 1038 and East Coast FM. 

She released her debut single ‘Doorstep’ in May 2020 and it was an instant hit which received nationwide praise both online and from Irish radio stations. From this, she went on to plate her first headline show in July 2020, in association with Ex Oh Promotions. This gig was a massive success and ended with a standing ovation and an encore. 

Sinead’s music has been described as a combination of sharp lyrics and catchy melodies, which combine to create songs that will be stuck in your head all day and from her new song ‘Running From You’, it’s clear to see why! The track is an empowering one, which is about getting through the final grieving process of a heartbreak, yet everyone around you is bringing up the ex partner in conversations. Speaking of the song, Sinead has said that “A past relationship just kept being brought up in conversations and it came to the stage where I felt like I was constantly running from everyone bringing him up. Writing this song felt like I was finally laying all my cards on the table and expressing that no more did I depend on someone to bring me happiness. Instead I truly found my own happiness and ‘picture perfect land’ within myself”. 

Sinead’s voice is quite unique, which makes this release even more special and exciting, as it’s hard to compare her to anyone else currently in the Irish music scene. The song itself is quite intimate, a personal experience shared openly and honestly for the world to hear. ‘Running From You’ also hints at her ex having found a new lover from the line ‘So enjoy your world class dinner date, Maybe this time you’ll step up to the plate’. A sombre line implying that her ex did not treat her as well as he should have. The double entendre here is really clever, an almost carefree outlook to a negative situation. 

The chorus of the song is repetitive and simple but really well executed. The lines ‘I keep running, I keep running, I keep running from you’ is repeated over and over and as Sinead sings, the music gets faster and faster, the speed of the music matching the speed of the hypothetical running. The tempo of the chorus is an excellent contrast to the verses, and the sheer difference between the two also showcases her impressive vocal range. 

The final lines of the song blend the lyrics ‘Not in my picture perfect land’ and ‘I keep running, running from you’. A big fuck you (excuse the language!) to the ex that she is so clearly over! ‘Running From You’ is an anthemic declaration of self love that’s entirely relatable and extremely catchy. It’s a really impressive release from someone who has only released one single previously. We look forward to seeing what the future has in store for Sinead!

You can give the song a listen here.

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