Zapho & Tolu Makay ft. Jenny Browne – Collide

Oiche Events recently announced the launch Ireland’s newest music platform The X Collective. With music and artistic expression at its core, The X Collective is a creative platform that has opened its doors to the Irish music industry, focusing on the production and promotion of Irish recording artists and industry creatives. 

On the 12th of June, Zapho, Tolu Makay and Jenny Browne released a new song entitled ‘Collide’, which is part of The X Collective. The track was recorded during lockdown, with musicians collaborating from across counties and countries, which makes this track even more impressive.

Zapho (who is a producer and songwriter) approached Tolü Makay and Jenny Browne, to come up with a narrative where they all equally had a voice and this was executed perfectly in ‘Collide’. The opening verse is sang by Tolu, the second verse by Zapho and then they both essentially collide and sing most of the rest of the song together, their voices combining perfectly together. Jenny Browne has not been forgotten and lends her voice to the outro of the song.

The song tells the story of a building new interest in two people (souls), figuring out where they are, but not sure of what the outcome may be. They are in the moment and realise that the emotions they have for one another may not be able to fully manifest due to uncertainty either from others perception, or personal beliefs. The song is LGBT themed, which is great to see, as this is not a commonly addressed theme in music. In addition to this, the collaboration is between three female artists which is really important, as we have seen in recent times that more attention seems to be drawn to the male artists of the music industry.

‘Collide’ is a highly energetic track with smooth yet powerful vocals. The combination of each of the three women’s vocals blend perfectly together making it a fun but impactful song.

You can listen to ‘Collide’ over on Spotify.

You can also check out each of the artists on their respective social media pages below!:

Zapho Facebook Zapho Twitter Zapho Instagram Zapho Website

Tolu Makay Facebook Tolu Twitter Tolu Instagram Tolu YouTube

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